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introducing drive me

Shaping the future of autonomous driving

We started testing cars with self-driving technologies already in 2013. Now, it is time to take the next step in our Drive Me project, as we start to engage everyday drivers in the pilot. In recent months we have received thousands applications from people in all age groups, with different lifestyles, driving experiences and attitudes towards self-driving cars. We have now closed the application process and we want to thank everyone who has applied. The next step is to select candidates based on the scientific parameters needed for our research, after which the first participants will be given their Drive Me car in December 2017. So stay tuned as we continue our development of self-driving cars, with the same care and thoroughness that has helped us design some of the world's safest cars throughout the years.

The Drive Me route


our approach

Learning by doing

To make safe self-driving cars a reality, we are putting people at the heart of our research. Our focus is on the safety of the people that participate in the Drive Me trial. What makes our approach so unique is that we will learn from drivers’ experiences as they interact with our technology. It’s this user-centric focus that guides us in the verification of our technology, and which will help us move from supervised to unsupervised driving.

introducing the car

An XC90 like no other

Volvo Cars, a leader in car safety innovation, will be using the award-winning XC90 during the Drive Me research. Our cars are equipped with a T8 Twin Engine – our most powerful Drive-E petrol engine assisted by an electric motor.

AD How it works XC90

our collaborators

Our partners embracing the future of mobility

Autonomous cars represent a radical shift in mobility that will affect us in our everyday lives. Collaboration with our partners is therefore essential in ensuring that the technology provides the maximum benefit to both individuals and society.

The Drive Me programme is partly funded by FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation, a partnership between the Swedish government and automotive industry.