A dark grey Volvo V90 parked against a wall.
The iconic elegant estate

The iconic elegant Volvo V90 estate.
Panoramic roof lets light flood in

Panoramic roof on a Volvo V90.
Enhanced visibility with full LED rear lamps

Rear view of Volvo V90 with full LED rear lamps.
Reduce tailpipe emissions

Our mild hybrids recover energy produced when braking and store it in a 48V battery. When this energy is used, fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions are both reduced.

Mobility refined

The V90 mild hybrid has been engineered to deliver smooth take-offs and refined acceleration, making both city and highway journeys more refined.

Fuel savings

Every drop of fuel saved helps – and in our mild hybrids, you enjoy lower fuel consumption without experiencing performance compromises.

Cabin interior of Volvo V90 estate.

What do you want to know about the V90 estate?

The V90 has Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play built in.*

*Google Services offer may vary between markets – please visit your local market website for market specific details.

In markets where Volvo has signed a contract with a mobile network operator, all data required is included for four years in the Digital services package. This includes both for navigation and voice assistant, as well as downloading and running any type of apps (e.g. music streaming). In markets where there is no contract for data, you will need to connect with your own device (Bluetooth tethering) and use your personal data plan to access these services.

Yes, up to four years of access to the services are included. After that you can buy a continuation of the subscription if you wish to continue using all the services included.

A subscription lasts up to four years. If the car is new, this period starts on the retail delivery date. The subscription is linked to the car, so in the event of the car being sold, any remaining subscription time is passed on to the next owner/user.

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A man in a brown jacket stands next to a Volvo V90 Recharge.

V90 Recharge

Experience more electric power with our advanced plug-in hybrids.

The side profile of a Volvo V60 estate.


Loads of legroom. Sing-along sound. And it’s got Google built in. Meet our refreshed estate – all set for whatever life has in store.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels, powertrain options and markets.

Google, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.