Volvo For Life Fund

Supporting actions that protect people and the planet

We're extending our commitment to safety beyond the road. The Volvo For Life Fund brings our safety heritage into the future to ignite hope for people, communities, and ecosystems.

Our guiding philosophy is clear. When it comes to safety, every single 𝙤𝙣𝙚 can make a world of difference.

Our focus areas

As our world faces significant challenges, we want to help those at risk. The Volvo For Life Fund will support initiatives that care for people, the planet, and those in emergency need.

Group of joyful children smiling and making peace signs with their fingers. 

The Volvo For Life Fund will work to improve the safety and lives of young people and children in marginalised communities, particularly through education.

An aerial view of the Mackenzie River in Canada flowing into the Beaufort Sea. 

The Volvo For Life Fund will invest in local and global projects dedicated to the restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

A top view of a person putting dried pasta and food tins in a box for emergency aid. 

The Volvo For Life Fund will provide humanitarian aid during natural disasters, and ensure education remains a priority for affected children.

Together with our For Life Fund partners, we aim to touch lives, uplift communities, and nurture ecosystems.

Our For Life Fund partners

Two young girls learning to code on a computer with the text "Girls Who Code" overlaying the image. 

Girls Who Code

Increasing the number of women engineers and programmers to close the gender gap in technology. 

A person's hand holding a tree seedling with "In partnership with One Tree Planted" overlaying the image. 

One Tree Planted

Helping the environment by planting trees, restoring forests, and creating habitats for biodiversity. 

A young girl reading a book at a desk next to a young boy smiling with "Save the Children" overlaying the image. 

Save the Children

Ensuring children can safely return to learning environments after natural disasters.

We’re bringing our safety heritage into the future

Safety and care for people and the planet have always been a part of Volvo Cars’ DNA. Take a look below to see some of the initiatives started by our employees that support the Volvo For Life Fund mission.

Volvo For Life Fund Stories