JUN 27, 2022

We brought the tools – Storytel built the app

Storytel has just launched an app that brings their vast library of audiobooks to our latest cars with Google services, using the tools on our Developer Portal.

You can now access a vast library of audiobooks in Volvo cars.

With the resources on our portal – such as APIs and Android Automotive system emulator – anyone can make an app that is tailored for Volvo cars. By using the available tools, you can build, publish and release the app all on your own.

And that’s exactly what Storytel did – they’re the latest company to build an app using our portal and make it available for download in cars with Google Services. The launch of the Storytel app highlights the possibilities of collaboration and with brands that are looking to develop applications for Volvo cars of today and tomorrow.

“Android Automotive is a perfect fit for our product. At Storytel, we really appreciate the collaboration with Volvo Cars and their Developer Portal that have helped us with better quality assurance of our new automotive app,” says Storytel Director of Product, Mikael Holmquist.

Collaboration has never been easier. As other companies continue building in-car apps using the portal, we look at the feedback we get from these creators. It allows us to continuously evolve the tools and services we offer on the portal and integrate more features that the developers want.

“We are thrilled that Storytel built their app through our Developer Portal,” says Volvo Cars' software evangelist Paul Aston, who’s the lead for the Developer Portal. “For us, the aim is to deliver the right tools on the portal so a developer can publish an app that is 100 per cent market ready. Software is driving the cars of today and we are lowering the barriers to entry for many third-party developers.”

With the resources on our Develoepr Portal, anyone can make an app that is tailored for Volvo cars. By using the available tools, you can build, publish and release the app all on your own.

One of the features used by Storytel is our custom Android Automotive emulator, a tool that virtually models the operating system in our cars. By using the emulator to test their app, their development team could create their application with the same controls and services found in an XC40 Recharge. Emulators like these can save time and money for companies that can’t access specific development hardware.

“The emulators have helped assure the quality of the app before releasing it. Being able to develop for what users will actually see gave us a better experience than other automotive emulators,” says Mikael Holmquist.

We know it’s not easy to start developing an app, so we’ve tried to make it as smooth as possible. We have an open-source code sample on GitHub that provides an example of what a media app should look like. This helps developers get started much faster and introduces them to some of the special requirements for Android Automotive. Beyond that, our team is continuously improving the portal to give outside developers more opportunities to create on the platform, and we envision a place for creators to build their products so easily it’s like we’re not even there.

Come create with us! Check out our Developer Portal here.

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