Our biggest investment? You.

We believe in sharing success. You work smart? Then you deserve the rewards that will come your way.


From the Volvo Bonus to an array of benefits, we offer incentives and security for a settled working future together.

Imagine it: creating a next gen computer on wheels.

It’s happening now. Cars that see better than human vision.

Did somebody say bonus? Yes indeed.

The Volvo Bonus is our discretionary annual bonus programme.

What if we really shine? We reward high performance.


What’s more, you’re part of the Volvo Bonus programme from your first year with us.

Meet Lotta

Lotta’s very modest, so instead we’ll say it: her career has saved thousands of lives worldwide.

Lotta Jakobsson Adj Prof, PhD – senior technical leader at our Safety Centre

Future nest eggs

Providing for your longer term is also our priority. When working in Sweden, part of your pension is paid by you as part of your monthly tax payment, plus we as your employer also contribute.

It’s good to know that when you work for Volvo Cars, you get more than the standard employer contribution.

Social security costs covered by Volvo Cars as your employer:

Pension and general salary fees

Medical insurance fee

Parental insurance

Survivors/beneficiary pension fee

Labour market fee

Workplace injury fee

Did you know?

Collective agreement
High average premium
Extra benefits

Drive a Volvo for less

We love our cars and we’re sure you will too. So we offer different ways to get you behind the wheel to experience what it is we do, through our subsidised employee offer.

Subsidised lease

In Sweden, our Care by Volvo subsidised lease benefit gives you access to a brand-new Volvo car – saving you hundreds of SEK per month – plus we add extra inclusions like insurance, servicing, winter tyres, car washes and more.

Buy and own

If you prefer to own your car, then you’re welcome to take advantage of our employee discount offers.


Learning and leadership

We support you in your career, which can span our limitless local or global opportunities. Your development is a win-win for us all. Want to book a course or sign up for on-demand digital learning activities? It’s easy. Simply explore our extensive library for leadership and self-development tools – this is the place for creating your own learning experience.

Supporting your studies

We think it’s great that you want to grow and succeed. And we want to improve employee mobility within our company. So if you’re studying in your spare time, we can offer financial support for specific circumstances. We do this by offering grants for studies that match your development plan and that are fully carried out during your own time.

It all starts with a chat with your manager. Simply ask about grants for spare time study.

Study grant

Motivation award

Educational activity

Our Story

Our story

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