Welcome to Sweden

We value diversity. And we don’t let geography get in the way when searching for great people who share our values and ambitions.

Sunlight falling on a man with a backpack walking through the misty woods.

So if you say ‘yes’ to Volvo Cars and need to move to Sweden from abroad, we’ll provide a big helping hand, starting with this quick guide on what it’s like to live here. Välkommen!

Gothenburg: Our hometown

Gothenburg’s leafy surroundings and central footprint on the spectacular Swedish west coast make it an attractive city for a relocation. It’s a key European seaport with everything you expect to find in a cosmopolitan city – yet with cosy convenience, thanks to our relatively modest population of 618,000 residents.

Imagine it: creating a next gen computer on wheels.

It’s happening now. Cars that see better than human vision.

Meet Siddhant

I wandered the untamed quartz mountains of Dalsland, and at work we made a giant leap with verification of our next-generation cars.

Siddhant Gupta – team manager and product owner

Relocating across the globe?

Regardless of where you’re moving to or from for your new job at Volvo Cars, we’ll help you with:

Immigration services 

Work and residence permit for you and your partner 

Finding accommodation

Pre-employment visit

Area information

Pension meeting

Tax meeting at Price Waterhouse Coopers

Settling-in service

Move-in inspection and lease contract

Relocation flight

Swedish cultural training

Expense management

Healthcare for all. Here in Sweden, everyone has equal access to these services.

It’s ok to smile

Dental care is free of charge up until the age of 23. Over the age of 23, the cost is typically SEK 800 - 1,000 for a consultation or annual teeth cleaning.

Cost ceiling

If you’ve paid healthcare patient fees of more than SEK 1,150, you’re covered by a maximum health cost protection (högkostnadsskydd) and pay nothing else in the 12 months from the first healthcare visit.

Your kids are covered

All healthcare and medical treatments are tax funded and free up to the age of 19.

Giving birth in Sweden

When giving birth in a hospital, the birth and the following hospital stay are almost fully tax funded.

A partial view of car’s roof with a roof rack.

Get outdoors

What’s your scene? With our stunning scenic coastline, spacious city parks and forests, thousands of picturesque lakes, plus ski fields aplenty, Sweden offers a world of excuses to enjoy some fresh air.

Education in Sweden

When moving to a new country, it’s reassuring to know there’s a wide network of educational support for children of all ages.

First steps

Pre-school/nursery – Parents in Sweden often choose to go back to work when their child is around 18 months, in time for the child starting kindergarten.

Tax funded

From ages 6 to 19, pre-school class to upper secondary school is fully tax funded, while tax-funded university education is available to students from the EU.

International schools

In the Gothenburg region, there are several options available for both public and international schools at different levels.

Other options

There are also schools that are not international schools, providing an English-speaking curriculum.

A family with 2 toddlers and luggage walking around a black Volvo car

Is Sweden family friendly?

Yes. Sweden is known for being one of the best countries in the world to raise a child, whatever your family constellation or circumstances.

FAQs about family life in Sweden

What is the base parental leave offer in Sweden?

Parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave when a child is born or adopted. Read more

What percentage of salary is paid during parental leave?

When applying for parental leave, you generally receive 80 per cent of your salary from the Swedish government*. However, Volvo Cars complements this further by offering 90 per cent of your monthly salary during the first 180 days of parental leave. *governmental parental pay is based on a maximum monthly salary of 40250 SEK

What happens when your child is sick?

You can receive compensation for caring for a sick child for a maximum of 120 days per year. Read more

Does Sweden offer regular child support payments?

Yes. Child allowance (barnbidrag) is financial support of SEK 1,250 per month that is automatically paid out to parents who live and have children in Sweden. Read more

What is the city of Gothenburg’s attitude towards sustainable living?

Gothenburg has won several awards for being the world’s most sustainable destination.

Daily living costs

You may have heard some stories about the cost of living in Sweden. And the fact is that certain things are expensive here. Yet overall – especially when considering the social safety net – life is cheaper than in many neighbouring countries.

Links to useful info in English

Our hometown’s Move to Gothenburg initiative.

Information on tax-funded benefits when you’re sick, disabled, become a parent or are unemployed.

Introduction to the Swedish social insurance and Försäkringskassan.

Welcome to Göteborg!

Side profile view of a Volvo C40 that’s charging inside a blue room.

Our story

Learn more about how we want to provide people with the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way.