Working together. Balancing life.

We believe in physical meetings to develop our culture, innovate and for those spontaneous chats that create great ideas. So our offices are designed to be social. And of course our teams talk about what works best for everyone, like those tasks that can be done remotely for a better work-life balance.

A woman walking past a gym.

Make yourself comfortable

Imagine it: creating a next gen computer on wheels.

It’s happening now. Cars that see better than human vision.

Meet Erik

“Living close to the ocean and forest, I’m always enjoying nature. So it’s important to me – and I’m really proud of it – that our company is aiming to be fully electric.”

Erik Sandström – assembler at our Torslanda factory

Four people atop a cliff looking at the setting sun.

Stay healthy

A smiling woman working on a car part inside a manufacturing plant.

What if I get sick?

Parental leave for all

Are you planning for kids?

Or maybe you’re already a parent? At Volvo Cars, we’re committed to closing the gender gap. We want to empower all our employees, male and female, to enjoy family life and excel in their careers.

We’re opting you in

So we’re opting all employees into 24 weeks of parental leave, paid at 80 per cent of your salary – no limitations on gender, age or marital status. We want our people to feel safe and supported to take the time should they choose. Read more.

Top-down partial view of a Volvo charging from an outlet that’s lit up.

Our story

Learn more about how we want to provide people with the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way.