Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play in your Volvo car.

Intuitive and personal

Immerse yourself in an experience that’s more intuitive, more familiar, more responsive and more personalised than ever. Your Volvo with Google built in seamlessly integrates you, your car and your life, like never before.

Hands-free help in the car

Talk to Google in your Volvo to get directions, enjoy entertainment, and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues – all without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Simply say, “Hey Google” to get started.

Your entertainment, your way.

Use Google Play to access your favourite music and podcast apps. Together with an optional sound system from either Harman Kardon or Bowers & Wilkins, you can enjoy a high-end audio experience on every journey.

Sequences in the film are shortened and simulated. Display is for illustrative purposes only. Functions may vary between configurations and markets.

Enhance everyday life with Google Assistant.

“Hey Google, what’s on my agenda for today?”

Volvo centre console with music choices visualised on screen.
Control in-car entertainment

“Hey Google, play my jazz playlist”

Fine-tune cabin environment

“Hey Google, set the temperature to 18 degrees”

Control your smart home devices, away from home

Controlling your compatible smart home devices can be done from the comfort of your Volvo. Set mood lighting, adjust room temperature and much more – just by using your voice.

Access to in-car apps with Google Play

On the road shouldn’t mean out of the loop. In your Volvo with Google built in and fully integrated into your driving experience, you can enjoy access to Google Play and its open ecosystem of in-car apps.

Google Assistant
Google Maps
Google Play

What do you want to know about Google built in?

What Volvo models offer Google built in?

XC60, V90, S90, XC40 Recharge pure electric and the new C40 Recharge.

Does Google built in come standard or as an upgrade?

All cars are technically prepared for it and the Digital services subscription which includes Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play is included for 4 years on many of our models and styles, but not all. Please explore the configurator for more exact specifications on the model and style you are interested in.

Are Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play available in every market?

They are available in many markets but please visit your local market website for specific information on local availability.

Do I require an additional data plan/SIM card?

In markets where Volvo has signed a contract with a mobile network operator, all data required is included for four years in the Digital services package. This includes both for navigation and voice assistant, as well as downloading and running any type of apps (e.g. music streaming). In markets where there is no contract for data, you will need to connect with your own device (Bluetooth tethering) and use your personal data plan to access these services.

If I sell the car or buy a new Volvo within four years, does the Digital services subscription follow me or the car?

The Digital services subscription follows the car and if sold, the new owner can continue to use the services until the 4-year period has elapsed and can then prolong them through subscription. If you buy a new Volvo within the 4-year period, a Digital services subscription may be included for part of this period, however this depends on the model and the market you buy in.

How is Google built in connected to the Digital services subscription?

Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play are included in the Digital services package. Together with the other connectivity services included it creates a convenient and connected mobility package.

I don’t have a Google Account. Will Volvo with Google built in work without one?

You can still drive the car and use Google Assistant and Google Maps without a Google Account. However, if you’re offline or signed out, some apps and features may not be available. Google Play requires a logged in Google Account whereas Google Assistant and Google Maps will not be as personalised in the signed-out experience.

I already have a Google Account. Do I require another one for my vehicle?

No. When you sign in with your Google Account, you can set up Google Assistant, download apps on Google Play and navigate to personal locations like “Home” and “Work” with Google Maps. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one on a separate device such as your phone or computer.

As an iOS user, does Volvo with Google built in replace Apple CarPlay?

Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play are built into the car so all of these services can be used without needing to connect your phone. With Google Play, you can download a variety of media apps that you would find in Apple CarPlay – Spotify, for example. In the future, it is anticipated that Google Play for Automotive will offer more apps available for download. iPhone users can connect to the car via Bluetooth and enable the use of the car’s speakers for voice calls or sending text messages through Google Assistant.

How will the system work for other drivers that share the same vehicle?

Every profile created has its own individual Google Account as well as other accounts - for example, Spotify. These accounts as well as other car settings are saved for the individual profile in question. Individual profiles can also be protected by using for example a PIN code or pattern if one driver doesn’t want any other drivers to access their personal account.

How do the apps receive updates?

Just like on a smartphone, the apps will be updated when new versions become available as long as the car has a working network connection. If you choose to do so, apps can be set up to update themselves when the car is locked. By doing so, the new version is available next time you drive.

How does Volvo ensure my data is secure?

Volvo Cars does not share data it collects with Google. When you use Google apps and services in your Volvo, you can choose to share data/information with Google to make the services better for you. The information you share with Google depends on the settings you choose and whether or not you log into a Google Account. However, please note that data sharing will be a choice for you as a user. If you choose not to share data, your experience will be impacted and some services will not be available to you, as data sharing is required for certain features to work, such as location information for maps. Learn more about managing and changing your privacy settings for Google apps and services in your car here.

For more information visit Google help centre.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all models, styles, engine options and markets. Google Assistant is not available in all languages and markets.

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