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Tech Moment 2021

Welcome to your behind-the-scenes tour of our future.

Electric car plastic model kit Volvo tech moment 2021

We want to be a fully electric premium car company by 2030. So what does that path look like? How do we plan to lead in new technology, like core computing and batteries? What about the next level of safety – the heart of Volvo Cars – and the introduction of safe autonomous driving? How will we shape tomorrow’s car experience? And what is the future of design for Volvo?

You’ll hear it all first-hand from the people leading our journey. So join the virtual Tech Moment audience on-demand and learn about the future of Volvo Cars.

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Event hosts: Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive. Henrik Green, chief technology officer. Nikki Rooke, head of communications.

Event opening

Welcome to Tech Moment 2021

Our chief executive Håkan Samuelsson kicks off Tech Moment 2021 with an overview of the Volvo Cars technology journey and how innovation and sustainability will deliver a leading position in the fast-growing premium electric segment.


Zero collisions

We’ve been a leader in safety for decades – now we take the next step. The development of autonomous driving technologies (AD) means significant improvements in safety, continuously until cars become fully autonomous. So what’s our plan for AD and how will we offer our customers technology that helps save lives and avoids collisions completely?

Zero collisions

Presenters: Mats Moberg, head of R&D Ödgärd Andersson, Zenseact chief executive

Zero collisions Q&A


Core computing

The future of our industry lies in software-defined cars – software features will differentiate one car from another. So how will we centralise computing for fast and flexible development and make sure our customers’ cars evolve to be better every day?

Core computing

Presenter: Patrik Bengtsson, head of software and electronics platform

Core computing Q&A


Batteries and propulsion

We’re aiming to be fully electric by 2030. So what’s our strategy to improve battery technology, secure supply and deliver to our customers the range, efficiency and charging time they expect?

Batteries and propulsion

Presenters: Lutz Stiegler, leader in vehicle propulsion Erik Severinson, leader in industrial strategy

Batteries and propulsion Q&A


Future connected experience

We were the first carmaker to introduce Google’s Android Automotive OS with Google Services – sparking potential for our customers to enjoy the best maps and virtual assistant, plus an ever-growing library of apps and services to choose from. How will we continue building the best user experience and new features for our customers?

Future connected experience

Presenters: Sanela Ibrovic, leader in connected experience Anne-Mette Nygaard, leader in commercial digital

Future connected experience and design Q&A


Future of design

Imagine it – every new Volvo car in 2030 being fully electric. We have so many opportunities to approach our designs in new ways as we explore the potential of emerging priorities like aerodynamics and material choices. So what is the future of design for Volvo?

Closing session

Tech Moment 2021 wrap-up

Håkan Samuelsson and Henrik Green summarise the future of technology at Volvo Cars and how our focus on electrification, safety, sustainability and software enables us to meet the expectations of our customers – today and in future.

Tech Moment 2021 presenters

Learn more about the people leading our future technology; listed in order of appearance at Tech Moment 2021.

Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive Volvo tech moment 2021.
Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive
Håkan completed an MSc in mechanical engineering then started his career at Scania Group in 1977 within its technical division. There he joined the executive board in 1996. Håkan moved from Scania to MAN in 2000 and became CEO of MAN in 2005. Since Håkan was appointed chief executive in 2012, Volvo Cars has made several industry-leading commitments, achieved multiple years of record sales and profits, and we’ve established our company as a strong competitor in the premium segment.
Henrik Green, chief technology officer Volvo tech moment 2021.
Henrik Green,  chief technology officer
Henrik has a degree in Computer Engineering and started his career at Volvo Cars in 1996. He held various positions within Powertrain Engineering before leading a development project for a new engine in 2000, and later, the initiative to formulate our 3- and 4-cylinder engine strategy. In 2013, Henrik took on responsibility for our Volvo 40-series vehicle line. Three years later, he joined our company’s executive management team. Henrik currently heads the Volvo Cars Product Creation cluster.
Nikki Rooke, head of communication Volvo tech moment 2021.
Nikki Rooke, head of communication
Nikki has led our global communications operations since 2019. Nikki joined Volvo Cars in 2012 when she moved from leading communications at The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the trade association for the UK motor industry. Nikki progressed to head of communications in our UK sales company before moving to our Gothenburg headquarters in 2017. Nikki has a degree in history from the University of East Anglia.
Mats Moberg, head of R&D Volvo tech moment 2021.
Mats Moberg, head of R&D
Mats joined the Volvo Cars Safety Centre in 1988, following an MSc in applied mechanical engineering. Since then, he has been at the centre of our car development and can look back at accomplishments as chief programme engineer for the S40 and the V50; as the head of the Engine Engineering and Complete Powertrain departments; and in VP roles for Small Cars and Complete Vehicle Engineering. Today, Mats leads our global team of engineers developing our next-generation automotive technology.
Ödgärd Andersson, Zenseact chief executive Volvo tech moment 2021.
Ödgärd Andersson, Zenseact chief executive
Ödgärd is the chief executive of Zenseact, Volvo Cars’ wholly owned autonomous drive software development company. Prior to her current role, Ödgärd led our software and digital services development as chief digital officer, which followed 20 years in telecommunications. Ödgärd holds a MS Degree from Chalmers University of Technology and is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
Patrik Bengtsson, head of software and electronics platform Volvo tech moment 2021.
Patrik Bengtsson, head of software and electronics platform
Patrik has a BSc in electrical engineering and started his career at Swedish telecom company Ericsson in 1997. There Patrik held several leading positions within the development of packet core, the collection of platforms that provide intelligence needed for mobile communication networks to function. Patrik joined Volvo Cars in 2017 as head of infotainment and driver interaction, and now works on increasing speed and innovation in car development by introducing a centralised computing system inside the company’s fully electric cars.
Lutz Stiegler, leader in vehicle propulsion Volvo tech moment 2021.
Lutz Stiegler, leader in vehicle propulsion
Lutz graduated with an MSc in mechanical engineering then joined IAV in Germany in 1995. In the following years, he held several leading positions within its powertrain development organisation, including head of engine design. In 2013, Lutz moved to Volvo Cars and became responsible for the engine and transmission calibration of all our powertrains worldwide. Since 2020, Lutz is leading the development of all software and hardware for our electric powertrain, including batteries, charging, e-machines and their transmissions.
Erik Severinson, leader in industrial strategy Volvo tech moment 2021.
Erik Severinson, leader in industrial strategy
Erik joined Volvo Cars in 2004 after graduating with a MSc in business administration and has covered various controller roles. Erik moved from head of finance for R&D to being responsible for all central and industrial functions, and later, to the controlling function and financial steering of the company. Today, Erik leads Volvo Cars’ electrification from an industrial perspective and is strategically overseeing production, purchasing, supply chain, quality and sales/production planning.
Sanela Ibrovic,leader in connected experience Volvo tech moment 2021.
Sanela Ibrovic, leader in connected experience
Sanela started her career at the telecommunications company Ericsson in Sweden, following a MSc in Electrical Engineering. During 17 years with Ericsson she worked across product development to later leading large-scale software organisations. Sanela joined Volvo Cars in 2017 as head of connectivity and is now leading the development of our connected experience, including infotainment system, connectivity, vehicle data platform and complete vehicle diagnostic.
Anne-Mette Nygaard, leader in commercial digital Volvo tech moment 2021.
Anne-Mette Nygaard, leader in commercial digital
Anne-Mette holds double master’s degrees in business administration and development. Anne-Mette joined Volvo Cars in 2018 to transform our consumer-facing digital experience. Today, she works on building direct relationships with our customers through our digital platforms. Anne-Mette’s rich background in management and digital product development includes successful years at eBay and eBay’s Swedish-based marketplace Tradera.
Robin Page, head of design Volvo tech moment 2021.
Robin Page, head of design
Robin joined Volvo Cars in 2013 and has spearheaded our simple and pure yet premium Scandinavian design aesthetic. He led our interior design team in the creation of our 90 and 60 Series models, as well as the XC40. In 2017, he became head of design and has overseen Volvo Cars design operations since. During his tenure, Robin has been responsible for the 360c concept car, a variety of updates to the full Volvo range and our fully electric models. Before joining Volvo Cars, Robin designed for Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Bentley Motors.

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