Volvo Cars Diplomatic Sales

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Volvo Cars has been serving the diplomat community since 1956, offering one of the most comprehensive diplomatic sales programs on the market.

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Dedicated to diplomats

Founded in 1927, Volvo Cars has built a strong reputation as a world leader in quality, design and safety. As a Volvo Diplomat customer, you’ll be able to order your new Volvo, tailored to your unique requirements, at a discounted price and with a premium level of service and exclusivity guaranteed.

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At your service

Since our beginning, we have made cars that empower people to live an enriched, authentic life. We preserve space, harmony and tranquil moments taken out of a busy day. Our kind of luxury is based on sensory nuances and small details which complete a bigger, more emotive premium experience. With its distinctive Scandinavian heritage, your Volvo is designed to make life less complicated.

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Who's eligible for the Diplomatic Sales program?

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