Woman holding a child next to Volvo XC90.

Child safety

Booster cushions and child seats. Delivering child safety since the 1960s

Precious passengers

Safety has always been our number one priority at Volvo Cars. Safety for the driver, the passengers, other motorists and, of course, pedestrians. We have always been at the forefront of innovation in the field of safety — and Child Safety is no exception. Since 1964, when we first began testing rearward-facing child seats, we have progressively improved safety, ease of use and, importantly, comfort for your children when they travel in your Volvo.

Designed for real life

Our unique approach to child safety includes creating and carrying out tests based on real-life traffic situations. This enables us to carefully monitor how each child seat reacts in a real-life car environment, and then tailor our designs accordingly.

As a result of our research we can strongly recommend that children up to the age of four years are seated facing rearwards.

At Volvo Cars our vision is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.

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Volvo Cars child seat testing in a child crash test dummy.
Child leaning in to the coupe of a Volvo.

Child safety in the front seat

Our recommendation for the use of the front passenger airbag for children has been updated, thanks to advances in airbag technology in recent years. Therefore, we have a new child safety recommendation for children travelling in the front passenger seat of Volvo cars. The short film to the left and the downloadable factsheet, below, provide a good overview of this new recommendation and how it applies to current and older model Volvos.

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Child seats

Our child seats combine everything we know about safety with beautiful Scandinavian design. Made with breathable 80 per cent natural wool fabrics, they are the most comfortable child seats ever.

Protect what is important to you with Volvo Cars child seats.

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Luxury for little travellers

The new generation of Volvo Cars child seats was born in conjunction with the release of the all-new Volvo XC90. When it came to choosing the seats that make up the new range, it was decided that as well as providing the usual, reassuringly high levels of safety Volvo Cars is known for, additional focus would be placed on providing children with extra comfort. The new child seats would also feature a luxurious new look that would feel like a natural part of the car’s interior.


The art of comfort

With the release of the all-new XC90, Volvo Cars introduced a thrilling, thoroughly modern take on the concept of Scandinavian luxury. Here was a car where innovative design features effortlessly integrated with natural materials to create a luxurious interior, which was as comfortable as it was eye-catching. Now, with the release of the new Volvo S90, Volvo V90 and Volvo XC90 Excellence, our designers have kept their focus on luxury and wellbeing and used it to turn the concept of in-car comfort into an art form.


Our window to the world

Throughout history, the human eye has meant different things to different cultures. In ancient Egypt it was worshipped as a powerful symbol of good health and protection, during the Renaissance it represented vision and clarity, whereas the eye that graces today’s American dollar bill is designed to depict guidance and reassurance. But what about for those of us who worship at the altar of the automobile? What do our eyes mean to our enjoyment of our cars and can they really hold the key to a better life on the road?