It's the code that moves Volvo cars forward.

Tech Hub Poland

Join us and watch your ideas shape the future of mobility.

A key software engineering development centre

At Volvo Cars, we’ve set our targets big. Being all electric by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040 are just two. Our new Krakow site is an exciting addition to our global footprint, focusing on cutting-edge software development for our future platforms and technologies.

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Working at Tech Hub Poland

It’s all about your ideas – you’re collaborating across a variety of exciting projects that shape our fully electric cars. Helping to save lives with core safety technology, our own perception and driver assistance algorithms, plus the incredibly interesting developments within autonomous driving.  

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Great heritage and purpose

We share a rich and purposeful heritage and even bolder future aspirations to match. Since 1927, we have created world-changing safety innovation: The modern seatbelt. The side impact protection system. The pedestrian detection system (to name just a few). In the spirit of openness, collaboration, and curiosity, we welcome you to an echo system of diverse talent and teams that allow us to do more together, to do good together. And to solve sustainable, safe and personal mobility for all.

A woman in a pink jacket smiling at someone or something

Shape the future of mobility

Dive into the latest technology that’s driving fully electric cars. Connect within our skilled teams, working together and generating ideas that shape our latest safety technology and autonomous driving, using C++, C or Python.

A woman in a pink jacket smiling at someone or something

Be yourself at Volvo Cars

At Volvo Cars, we don’t just preach diversity. We live it. You’re welcome here regardless of where you’re from, what tires you’re running, or how you adjust your seat and mirrors. With us, you will experience professional growth through technical challenges and collaboration with diverse colleagues. Enjoy a variety of great benefits such as our bonus and employee share matching programmes.

For life. We want to provide you with the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way.


With new models of car ownership and attractive services whenever and wherever you need, we aim to make your life less complicated.


To help protect the world we share, we must do more than merely electrify our cars. We’re committed to rethinking sustainability in our operations, in our cars and in society.


We make cars for people who care about other people. So when it comes to safety, we think just as much about your surroundings as we do about you and your passengers.