Gain new skills without losing time

Bryan Duffus had been working for Mazda for 25 years. In his time there, he had accomplished a lot. He had completed his apprenticeship, worked his way up to the status of Master Technician and represented the UK in the European edition of Mazda’s annual competition for technicians – Maztech. But now, it was time for a new challenge. So, when Bryan saw that his local Volvo dealership – Barnetts of Dundee – was looking for a Workshop Team Leader and someone to go through the VOLT training programme to become a Volvo Technician, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Name: Bryan Duffus
Age: 42
Job: Workshop Team Leader
Volvo Dealership: Barnetts of Dundee, Scotland

Special areas of interest:
I enjoy the challenge of problem solving and diagnostics – both electrical and mechanical issues.

Most satisfying part of your job:
Being able to speak directly with customers and getting to the bottom of any issues they might be having with their car quickly and efficiently.

"My advice would be to work hard and never be scared to ask for help."




“I was attracted by the new products Volvo Cars was bringing out and the new technology they were developing. So, I applied for the job and was successful. A new chapter in my career had begun.”

In his current role as Volvo Workshop Team leader, Bryan is responsible for the efficient, everyday running of the workshop and allocating the daily workload. He is also responsible for dealing with customers as well as their cars and supporting the other technicians. It’s a role that not only requires a high degree of technical expertise, but also good planning, organisational and man- management skills.

But after so many years spent working with another car manufacturer, how did Bryan manage to get up to speed with Volvo Cars’ working methods so quickly? Well, the answer is the Volvo Cars VOLT programme – an intense training programme that enables technicians who have been trained by other car manufacturers to learn Volvo working methods and get up to Volvo standards quickly and efficiently. 



“The VOLT training was a lot of new information to take in over a short period of time. But as I progressed through the programme, my working day became easier as I was able to use my new knowledge and understanding of the Volvo systems to help me to do my job. The training staff were very supportive and always available to give a helping hand when it was required.”

Thanks to the VOLT training programme’s mix of E-learning and work-based training, Bryan quickly gained the skills he needed to use the Volvo technical systems and carry out his job effectively as Workshop Team Leader. But Bryan’s training doesn’t stop there. As new car technology is developed and introduced all the time, it’s important that all Volvo Cars technicians keep up with the latest developments. To help ensure this, technicians are provided with continuous training to help them keep up-to-date with the latest technology, working methods, etc. 


Thanks to the VOLT programme, Bryan reached the status of Level 2 technician in only 6 weeks. He is now looking forward to continuing his training and moving on to the next level. 

“At the moment I’m a Level 2 technician, but I’m waiting for the Level 3 training to begin so I can progress further. I want to continue training to achieve Levels 3 and then 4 and eventually I would like to progress into management.” 

The training at Volvo Cars is specifically designed to give technicians lots of opportunities to gain new skills – and improve existing ones – that will help advance their career at Volvo. But how does the training at Volvo Cars compare with other training Bryan has received elsewhere?

“The Volvo training is very good. The trainers answer any questions that come up during the training courses and explain things very clearly. I once attended a diesel diagnostic course where part of the course was working through technical faults a Volvo Cars technician had actually encountered and repaired. The technician was even there to explain how he had diagnosed the problem and what was done to rectify it.” 



So, what does Bryan like most about working at Volvo Cars? 

“I like the way Volvo Cars gives lots of encouragement and support to help and motivate people to progress and better themselves. I also enjoy working as part of a team where everyone can have a different outlook on a problem and we solve it together by using our different strengths.”  

And what advice would he give to people thinking of following a similar career path?

“My advice would be to work hard and never be scared to ask for help. This is the only way to really get to the bottom of an issue or to understand something better.” 

So, even if you have been working for another company for a long time, Bryan is proof that thanks to the Volvo Cars VOLT programme, you can start an exciting new career and gain a wide range of new skills without losing precious time.