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Digital Services

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The price of the car includes access to the following digital services for a period of 4 years: Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play Store, the Volvo Car App remote functions and data for the said services. After that period a prolongment or renewal will be offered, a subscription fee will in such case be added.




Your Volvo car comes with a time limited digital service package which is further described in your car specification. The digital services are governed by separate Volvo Cars Terms of Services that you can find on the Volvo Cars webpage, Volvo Cars Terms of Service, and in the Volvo Cars app and will be provided directly by Volvo Cars.

Initial subscription term

The initial subscription term for the digital services is set out in your car specification and is included in the purchase price for your car. The subscription term is calculated from when the car is first sold as a new car and the subscription follows the car and not you. So if you sell the car, then the subscription will transfer over to the new owner who will take over the remaining time of the ongoing subscription term.

Prolongation and renewal of subscription

After the initial subscription period has ended, you will be offered to prolong or renew the digital services in your car as a separate subscription, for which you will need to pay ongoing subscription fees, if you wish to continue using them.

If you choose not to prolong or renew the digital services, they will be turned off. This may also affect the functionality of other car applications and third party services and applications. You will however still be able to use the smartphone integration in the car, FM radio and connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Other services will continue to run, if you do not renew the digital services, such as software updates, connected safety features, emergency call, breakdown call services etc.

Data usage

Your digital services package comes with internet access services to enable you to fully enjoy the use of your Volvo car. Please note that we apply a fair data usage policy in terms of data consumption, and we reserve the right to suspend or limit your access to or use of such internet access services if your data usage is very high and disproportionate in relation to other users. The legitimate use of the digital services will not breach our fair usage policy, but you must not use the internet access services in an excessive or unreasonable manner. For more information, please see your car’s Owner’s Manual.