An artistic impression of how in future car windscreens could display optical information; this example shows a moose crossing the road.

Our newest Tech Fund investment – soon visible on a windshield near you?

NOV 23, 2021

We’ve added Spectralics to the list of companies we’ve invested in through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, our very own venture capital investment arm.

The Volvo Cars Concept Recharge concept car that was revealed at the Volvo Cars Tech Moment event in May 2021.

Our Concept Recharge and the team that created it

NOV 17, 2021

This summer we revealed Concept Recharge – the latest concept car to highlight our vision for the future.

Future Volvo cars will come with state-of-the-art sensors including Lidar and an autonomous drive computer.

A new safety standard comes to the next generation of Volvos

JUN 24, 2021

Our next generation of cars should be the safest cars we’ve ever made and will introduce our first fully autonomous feature.

Smartphone showing Volvo Cars website and how easy it is to order a new Volvo pure electric or hybrid electric car online.

Getting a new Volvo was never this easy

MAR 2, 2021

We’re telling the world about our new commercial transformation today. Peace of mind now comes as standard when buying an electric Volvo online.

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