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V40 Cross Country
2016 Early

Controls - beam/lighting

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Brake lights

The brake light automatically comes on during braking.

Daytime running lights

With the knob for headlamp control in position, and the car's electrical system in key position II or the engine running, the daytime running lights are activated automatically in daylight.

Position/parking lamps

Position/parking lamps are switched on with the headlamp control knob.

Active main beam*

Active main beam function detects the headlamp beams from oncoming traffic or the rear lights of vehicles in front, and switches the lighting from main beam to dipped beam. The lighting returns to main beam when the incoming light has stopped.

Active Xenon headlamps*

Active Xenon headlamps are designed to provide maximum illumination in bends and junctions and so provide increased safety.

Rear fog lamp

When visibility is reduced by fog the rear fog lamp can be used so that other road users shall notice vehicles in front at an early stage.

Hazard warning flashers

The hazard warning flashers warn other road users by means of all of the car's direction indicator lamps flashing simultaneously when this function is activated. When the hazard warning flashers are activated both direction indicator symbols flash in the combined instrument panel.

Tunnel detection*

Tunnel detection changes the lighting from daytime running lights to dipped beam when the car is driven into a tunnel. Approx. 20 seconds after the car has left the tunnel, the lighting returns to daytime running lights.

Approach light duration

Approach lighting consists of parking lamps, lamps in the door mirrors, number plate lighting, interior roof lighting and floor lighting.

Interior lighting

The passenger compartment lighting is activated/deactivated with the buttons in the controls above the front seats and the rear seat.


Main/dipped beam

Home safe light duration

Home safe lighting consists of dipped beam, parking lamps, lamps in the door mirrors, number plate lighting, interior roof lighting and floor lighting.

direction indicators

The car's direction indicators are operated with the left-hand stalk switch. The direction indicator lamps flash three times or continuously, depending on how far up or down the stalk switch is moved.

Headlamps - adjusting headlamp pattern

The headlamp pattern must be adjusted to avoid dazzling oncoming motorists and can be set for right or left-hand traffic.