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V60 Plug-in Hybrid
2014 Late

Hybrid-related information

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Range for electric operation

The car's range for electric operation is dependent on several factors, such as the number of consumers that are switched on.

Charging cable with control unit

The charging cable with its control unit is used to charge the car's hybrid battery. Use a charging cable recommended by Volvo.


General information about preconditioning

The climate in the car's passenger compartment can be preconditioned (acclimatised) before departure, in both hot and cold climates. With preconditioning of the V60 Plug-in Hybrid the energy needs during the journey are reduced - the electricity mileage is extended. For this reason, use preconditioning to enable the use of the battery power* for driving.


Charging the hybrid battery

In addition to the fuel tank, as in a conventional car, the car is equipped with a rechargeable battery, a so-called hybrid battery of the Lithium-ion type.

Charging current

Charging current is used for charging the hybrid battery as well as preconditioning of the car. Charging cable between the car's charging input socket and a 230 VAC socket can be set for different current intensity loads (6-16 A) using the control unit.


Drive system - drive modes

Both of the car's drive systems are used either individually or in parallel. The driver can select between different drive modes while driving. Regardless of selected drive mode, the control system checks that the combination of drivability, driving experience, environmental impact and fuel economy is always optimal in relation to the drive mode selected.


Digital combined instrument panel - overview

The combined instrument panel's information display shows information on some of the car's functions, e.g. cruise control and trip computer, as well as messages. The information is shown with symbols and text.

Drive systems

This V60 Plug-in Hybrid is a so-called parallel hybrid, which means that it has two separate drive systems: an electric motor and a diesel engine. Depending on the driver-selected drive mode and available electric energy, the two drive systems can be used either individually or in parallel.

Plug-in hybrid - introduction

The car is driven as a completely normal car. The electric motor drives the car mostly at low speeds, the diesel engine at higher speeds, as well as during more active driving.

Planning your driving

It is important to plan carefully when driving in electric mode in order to achieve the longest possible driving distance.

Long-term storage - points to remember

To reduce degradation of the hybrid battery during long-term storage of the vehicle it is recommended that the state of charge remains at 25%.

Plug-in hybrid - overview

Overview of the V60 PLUG-IN HYBRID unique functions.